Summerfield Zoo operates off of the help of volunteers and interns.    We are grateful for the help of our volunteers and interns.   If you are interested in a volunteer position or internship please e-mail us at

 The 2019 season marks Summerfield Zoo's twelth year of offering internships.  Summer internship applications are due by March 15th each year.   

Most colleges will offer course credits for the internship.  We have internships available for biology, zoology, marketing, and business majors.  We offer internship positions for the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons.   Fall, winter, and spring internships have rolling admissions.  

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Summerfield Farm and Zoo

Volunteers & Internships

Meet some of our fabulous volunteers:

Yvette McGreane

Kevin, Kyle, & Kayla Anderson

Jerry Murdock

Danielle Amundson

Margaret Tyler

Kathie Mallmann & Lymited Edition