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2017 Safari Day Camp

Summerfield Zoo is hosting 4 FUN-FILLED weeks of summer camp this year!  Each week has a different theme and organization to it.  Every week your child will learn about the animals that call the zoo home, have game and craft time, and special interactions with specific animals.
Each week will be limited to TWELVE PARTICIPANTS.  Please reserve your child's spot NOW!!

This energized, hands-on camp is ideal for kids 5-13.

Every week includes the following interactions: baby goat feedings, pony rides, pictures with the animal ambassador of your child's choice, & animal presentation.

Week 1 – Zooper Explorer (June 5—9) – This week focuses on learning about the zoo and what goes in to making the animals feel like they are at home. Participants will learn about feeding, care, and enrichment (toys and games for the animals). Some of the activities include: making treats for the animals, animal scavenger hunt, and creating toys for the animals.

Week 2 – Zoo Crew (June 19 -23) – This week focuses on learning about Zookeeping behind the scenes and what it takes to be a zookeeper! Participants will be allowed to do some (age-appropriate and safe) chores that zookeepers do every day, such as feeding and cleaning. If your child has a passion for animals and their care, this Zookeeper 101 camp is for them! Some of the activities include: daily feeding of animals, being a real Zookeeper, and track identification.

Week 3 – Animals around the World (July 10 -July 14) – This week focuses on each continent and what animals you would find there. Participants will get their Zooport (their own passport) and will collect stamps as they learn about the animals and where they are from. Each day will include an activity or craft from the designated continents. Some of the activities include: creating aboriginal dot paintings, talking with the parrots, howling with the wolves, and game day.

Week 4 – Zoo Crew 2 (July 24 -July 28) – This week focuses on how the zoo helps to rescue animals and keep them happy and healthy. Participants will learn about recreating the natural environment of our animals through feeding, habitat creation, and rehabilitation (making animals healthy again). Some of the activities include: assisting with feeding the animals, exhibit scavenger hunt, and designing their own animal habitat.